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3 outstanding methods for Product Information Management

Nowadays B2B businesses and especially merchants and manufacturers are obliged to optimise their product information in order to offer a great product experience and interaction with their brands. According to a Salesforce Report almost 70 percent of business buyers expect “Amazon-like buying experiences” and 67 percent “have switched vendors for a more consumer-like experience.”

B2B commerce is like B2C commerce, meaning that customer experience is a must! It means that the quality of the data needs to be precise. A Product Information Management (PIM) solution can assist you with this as it becomes a place where merchants can manage product data that needs to be marketed through all distribution channels such as websites, catalogues and Apps.

How can PIM assist?

An omnichannel experience

B2B customers want to interact more with merchants by shopping from an online shop, through a distributor or even from catalogues. In order to be successful in an omnichannel environment B2B businesses should make their products accessible to customers in every marketplace they can. PIM offers an efficient and effective way to manage your product information through localisation and optimisation depending on the channel. As a result, it creates a seamless experience whenever a customer interacts.


Enriched product data

According to Episerver, 98% of shoppers have been discouraged from completing a purchase because of incomplete or incorrect product information. So how can this be handled? With PIM, the process can be easier as suppliers can upload product information directly and enrich it at the same time.

Catalogue Management

As we all know, product information is affected by different departments with consistent updates. With PIM assistance, data is consistent which improves the productivity of internal teams and increases the scaling up of business. As the system becomes automated, eCommerce teams can deliver a better customer experience.

Accurate product data across different channels is crucial in order to keep being competitive in an omnichannel world. PIM is a tool case with which you can improve productivity, efficiency and create a seamless customer experience.


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