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Old school tricks to improve eCommerce sales

Think about this: You enter the shopping mall. There are a variety of different shops.How do you decide which brand to check out? You either take a walk around the mall, checking window displays or you open your mobile phone to check out the stores online. You are driven to eCommerce platforms, but you face another issue; which product to select? Most retailers do not focus on selling. On the contrary they focus on the buyer’s journey and the need to promote relevant products that will lead to sales, like the sales associates in brick and mortar stores.

However, how many times have you experienced issues with these eCommerce platforms? Do you search their catalogue and then buy from elsewhere like Amazon or eBay?

As a retailer, why is your online store different? Do customers confirm your brand quality? Does your brand offer better customer service and an amazing buying experience?

In order to have a successful online store you need to go back to basics, to the traditional steps of achieving a sale:


A story is key to engaging your buyers and differentiating your company from your competition. Tell your brand story and your customers’ success stories too. In addition, give accessibility to visually-impaired users and of course comply with GDPR rules. Make your site secure, and offer multiple payment options whilst not inundating the buyer with email offers and subscriptions


Data from analytics will give you information about your client’s customer journey. It can be found in search categories, products or filters that they used during their journey. Creating personas will assist you to understand intentions and, alongside search engines, to predict and offer them relevant products based on their intentions. 


If your navigation is well-designed, you will be able to offer products with rich and detailed information. Publishing user-generated content and success stories are further methods of attracting your potential customers.


Back to basics, make it easy to initiate the checkout process. Keep the flow simple – the fewer pages the better. Another element for consideration, is the guest checkout without registration but at the same time make it easy to create an account. Make it simple and functional and do not have any promotions or distractions at this stage.


Obviously, send email confirmation for the purchase with the exact details of the purchase. Have a clear explanation on how to modify or cancel the order. Ask customers to give you feedback about their shopping experience with a quick survey. Enable customers to check their order history and order status or manage communication and privacy preferences. Request them kindly to do a product review or to register in your company’s loyalty program and learn if you meet the customer’s expectations

All the above steps are crucial in today’s globalized environment as the eCommerce sector grows rapidly. At SQLI, we are happy to offer you a range of eCommerce solutions,assessments of migration to different platforms and UI/UX services to make a mobile-first website. To learn more about any of our services click the button below!