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Six ways to augment conversion rates

We live in a highly competitive world where revenue is key for all businesses. With the constant growth of eCommerce and social media the customer journey has become more complex. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to offer a unique and exceptional shopping experience to prospects and customers. As we all know, it doesn’t matter if our visit rates are increased if there are no purchases. In order to achieve an increase in eCommerce conversion rates you should analyse and optimise everything from the landing page to checkout. It is simple: an increased conversion rate equals increased revenue.

Here are some tips to boost your eCommerce conversion rates:

Live Chat

Multiple product and service offerings are common to many brands. Customers become overwhelmed, which in many cases leading to questions that need to be answered instantly otherwise they will go to a competitor. Also, the answers need to be accurate. Live chat support on an eCommerce website, enhances customer satisfaction, trust and brand image.

Mobile Optimisation

Buying power has seen a massive growth on mobile devices. With generations like the Millennials and Gen Zers, personalisation and a demand for mobile have brought many changes to the eCommerce sector. One third of retail sales in 2018 was on mobile devices; so having a great mobile experience will lead to converting prospects to clients.

Shopping basket reminder

According to statistics, the global cart abandonment rate in 2018 was 75.52%. Every engaged customer is not a guaranteed buyer. There are various reasons why customers are not converted such as better prices on other sites, compulsory sign up, lack of payment options and security. A quick solution to this is an email reminder. Emails sent within three hours of cart abandonment will get a 40% open rate and a 20% click-through rate. At least 10.7% of customers who receive the email, return to make a purchase. You need to implement different personalized strategies while sending these emails, it will improve conversion rates and sales.


User experience is a powerful aspect of tracking and communication software. It allows a business to keep messaging customers and prospects across all platforms. Once you create an email with coupon codes, the potential customer can press the button and the URL leads them to a landing page where they can access their code easily. This will create a memory for this customer, and they will be more willing to return and make more purchases.

Customer reviews

Make it a point to add customer reviews of your products on the website. According to a study, around 61% of customers read the reviews before making the purchase. Online sales increase by 18% when customer reviews are showcased. You should also give your visitors the chance to leave their reviews. This surely boosts conversion and builds trust in the customer.

Building trust

This element is the toughest in the whole process. Trust is difficult to build and easy to damage or destroy. A recent example is, the NIKE problem where their new electronic shoe failed whilst being worn by a college basketball hopeful, causing injury. Sometimes people won’t buy because they are not in a hurry or they have a lack of money. But what can you do if they have a lack of trust? Things like adding a physical address of an office, adding photographs of your employees, blogging and authentic customer reviews are elements that make a website user-friendly, professional and most of all trustworthy.