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Learn how PIM can solve issues in your business.

The eCommerce scenery has grown rapidly in the last few years. Product Information Management and content management are huge pillars of online stores for achieving eCommerce goals. But does PIM which is a  well-organized system benefit only the eCommerce platform? Of course, the answer is NO. Here is why a PIM system can offer value in your omnichannel environment.

Product Information

Product information can be anything, from a name to a number or a lengthy description of colours and sizes. Each product has distinctive product content when it is added to an online catalogue. For example, when you buy a car, different engine models can be important. Equally, when you buy clothes, material or colours can be a crucial factor for the potential customer.  Some product details will be the same for all languages and channels. However, product descriptions need to be localised which means that language can be a huge barrier in converting potential customers. This approach is complex and demands to be delivered efficiently. A PIM system assists brands in maintaining all this content effectively no matter the language and channels.


eCommerce markets operate on a global scale and that requires efficiency in international partnerships between retailers and partners. One of the major challenges to overcome is the need to adjust to international standards. One of the assets of a PIM system is the ability to classify these international standards. Automatically, this means that product content can be enriched with specific attributes. All these attributes give the necessary information to potential customers to make the best buying decision.


Imagine a product with no images! Impossible to be sold in an online world. The image is a necessary element in supporting your product in the digitalised world. This element brings to businesses another obstacle, the prerequisite of Digital Asset Management (DAM). A PIM system with DAM capabilities can solve the multimedia management issue with a simple workflow. DAM modules can manage multiple formats of images and videos associated with products.

Product data quality

Over the last few years, product content in a business omnichannel environment has grown as a priority which automatically pushes businesses to demand better data quality. By using a PIM system, data will be taken from a unique source, increasing data quality. From there, businesses can analyse and report data, apply business rules to facilitate the process of improving quality and as a result increase the customer conversion.

An omnichannel approach

Omnichannel is the keyword for internationalisation. With rapid growth, every channel needs its own product information. An example of omnichannel approach is how many products have been sold from an online shop or an App. A PIM system can handle all omnichannel needs and export them to the right channels offering a seamless experience.

For all the above, there is one key factor: a single source providing product information, covering customer’s needs: a PIM system.