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How can a PIM system improve the customer and digital experience?

Product Information Management (PIM) enables businesses to centralise, organise, categorise, localise and enrich product data. Did you know that PIM can enhance customer experience (CX) in many ways? Another question that might follow is: How can data about products be possibly related to customer experience? Our answer is: The effects on customer experience is large.

According to a variety of researchers, it has been proven that PIM and CX are really associated. A good example is that 3 in 5 organisations mentioned that building a case with the usage of a PIM system has improved customer experience and upgraded the omnichannel experience. So how can this approach enhance CX?

Access to rich product information

When an online customer cannot find the necessary information that will lead him to make the decision to buy a product or a service they will move immediately to another site. This is one of the characteristics of “Millenials and Gen Z”! For example, if you are not sure about the fabric for a piece of clothing, the specs for a specific model of a car or if a plug matches to your laptop, then you  will definitely not buy any of these products from the website in question any time soon.

A well implemented PIM solution enables all the relevant data to be online and always up-to-date with details and consistency, providing valuable and rich information to customers. This results in a lower percentage of abandoned baskets for businesses, providing a seamless shopping experience. Most importantly, if you have a B2B model, high-quality product information and enriched data give your business better control over the entire CX.

Bonus Tip: A PIM solution supports omnichannel strategies, providing consistent product information through all the channels which leads to a consistent and compelling brand experience

Customers get the right product instantly

According to Augment, 22% of product returns are because consumers receive a product that looks different to what they expected. In addition, 23% of customers receive the wrong product or service. How is this connected to the first point? The better and more enriched data you have, the lower the chance you have of providing inconsistent and wrong information. Equally, if a customer receives the right product, it will reduce the number of returns and automatically the business costs.

Bonus Tip: A link between product and customer data improves up-sell and cross-sell results.

Better service

Having consistent and seamless product information through all channels and business systems allows various departments such as Sales, Customer Service and in-store staff to work better because they are able to provide customers with relevant and reliable information. With PIM implemented, anyone in the business can serve customers better, providing better information and removing any potential hesitation when it comes to the purchasing decision.

Bonus Tip:Reliable and instantly available data increases the efficiency and productivity of a business

Customers get the newest products faster

PIM not only improves the information process, it also assists any business function because it allows the management of every product data record - structure, validation and enrichment - in a faster way. This means that customers can get the newest products in any shop first. If they are happy, this will potentially lead them to become loyal to your business

Bonus Tip: Business gains from PIM represent a competitive advantage which can be translated into financial and loyalty results.

These are some of the advantages that you can gain by implementing a PIM solution. If you are considering PIM solutions do not hesitate to contact us or register for our PIM Readiness Assessment.