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Our partners' Insights from the eCommerce Expo

At SQLI, we always want to be part of the eCommerce community, as we believe that constant contribution offers us the chance to explore new ideas and create engagement with our partners and our clients. Our Digital Marketing Executive shares some insights in this first part thanks to the companies we collaborate with.


The ultimate customer experience

Our partner, Magento, discussed increasing performance with Multichannel solutions with IMRG (the UK’s industry association for online retail). When someone starts with the phrase “Experience means brand interaction” it grabs your attention immediately. It is obvious that with the increase of shopping options the order fulfilment process is getting more complex; 89% of shoppers view the local store inventory online and 61% buy online and pick it up from store whilst 86% say even though they love buying online they always love the interaction in the stores. These key numbers show that we are far away from a world with no stores. So how is customer behaviour evolving? There is clearly a need for easiness and intuitive experiences which simply means offering your customer a seamless user experience while at the same time providing high value and time saving. In addition, personalisation and relevancy, in combination with optimisation during the customer journey and touch points, leads to the ultimate customer experience.

New consumer behaviour

Magento’s presentation included a diagram covering “New” Consumer Behaviour and requirements in which the first element conveyed that consumers are online and connected all the time.They thrive on customer experiences while getting familiarised with all channels and aim to be loyal. During their journey, customers want to be respected by the company, hear one voice through all the communication channels, enjoy technological transparency and to be pleased every time they engage with the brand.Why? As we know the attention span of a potential customer is only 8 seconds, so we need to be quick and meaningful in our message.

On the IMRG side, statistics have shown another aspect of a multichannel experience. First, there are a lot of fluctuations between the multichannel approach and only an online approach, however a graph showed it was clear that companies do not focus on one approach. When they divided things up into a few sectors, I was impressed by the eCommerce approach of the beauty sector because it was the only one that focuses more on an online approach. Many will ask why this is happening? As it was explained, due to the growth of smartphones from 2014 and onwards and the growth of influencers. It was highlighted that most of eCommerce companies measure their success by the conversion rates in the basket which is always higher with an online approach.

Make the customer journey

In the last part of this presentation, IMRG showed a survey for big brand UK retailers. The main message is to focus on making the customer journey easy. How this can happen? Make the search functionality, which includes store and online stock easily available, and offer a click & collect solution free of charge if it is possible. In terms of customer experience (UX) always communicate the message in the header to grab the attention of a potential customer. In conclusion, free always works for acquiring new customers but the question is how many companies can manage to afford this through their value proposition?

Best online customer experience


In the Omnichannel theatre our client, Barclaycard, talked about giving customers the best possible experience online which leads the customer or a business to the decision of sticking with or switching to a brand. There are 5 reasons for this:

  1. “All providers are pretty much the same: Whether it is a B2B or B2C client it was mentioned that because of our habits we are not willing to change them even if we are not happy
  2. “I checked 12 months ago and mine was definitely the best”: This expression is used when a customer is happy about user experience, payment methods, security or PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance
  3. “I am scared, it’s safer to stick with what I know”: Uncertainty will always be a part of life whether you operate in B2B or B2C sector. Why’s that? Simply because people are afraid of losing service and the cost of integration in a new system.
  4. “Lack of time”: People believe that they are too busy even if they are the richest person in the world. The true reason behind this expression is the lack of prioritisation. Brands try to counter this by developing online services so as people can do their work in a time efficient and cost-effective way.
  5. “I trust who I am with”: Anyone who sticks with that phrase is happy due to service and security provided as well as the customer care.

Obviously, we can understand that even when we have multiple touch points with our potential customers, grabbing the attention and converting them to new customers, demands a lot of effort and at the same time after sales services need to be exceptional.

All in all, it is obvious that customer experience is a fundamental element to retaining and acquiring customers. So, companies need to focus on the journey and make it smooth in any channel they interact with. That is all for now but do not go away as a second part is coming soon with some interesting point of views.