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Our Magento 2 Centre of Excellence in Cape Town

Press release

London, 14 September 2018  11:00

SQLI has selected its existing Cape Town office as the location for the groups Magento 2 Centre of Excellence. Delivering agility, exceptional quality and client value is a key priority of SQLI’s commitment to its enterprise Magento customers.   

As a Digital Experience company with offices throughout Europe and Africa, it specialises in helping clients enhance their digital landscape with a large focus on eCommerce. In addition, SQLI have been a Magento partner for over a decade and have focused on delivering both B2B and B2C solutions.

To demonstrate their continuous investment in Magento, SQLI is opening a Centre of Excellence for Magento 2 that will provide a set of the following services that can be used by all offices across the SQLI group. These services include: Training, 24x7 Magento 2 support, Magento 2 Architecture experts, Innovation, Problem-solving, DevOps as well as Development to a high standard. This Centre of Excellence will be available to all the group customers as well as local customers in South Africa.
COO & CTO Jason Bramsden mentions that: “Previously our Magento services have been spread across different SQLI offices, this has meant that it has been harder to have a central view on the team’s training, certification, tools used, best practices and the development standards used. We chose our Cape Town office as the location for our M2 Centre of Excellence due to the Magento expertise that this South African office had already been providing. The office was providing Magento Development, DevOps, Support and Quality Assurance to several leading brands, so it was an easy choice to turn this into our Centre of Excellence for the SQLI group.”
"Magento 2 has become a game changer in the eCommerce market, so I am embarking on a programme of changes within the Cape Town office to ensure that the Centre of Excellence is delivering the high standard that the group requires, as well as continuing to provide Magento services to our existing South African customers and our customers in the UK & Ireland." explains Technical Director Abrie Greeff.
“We first invested in building our Magento team in Cape Town back in 2012. Since that time the team has grown in experience supporting global projects and in the more recent years, local South African clients. To extend this service to the group is a fantastic achievement and testament to the team’s dedication” confirms CEO Kevin Ludford.
For more information about this service or any other services that SQLI offers please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +44 (0)20 30115000 and +27 (21) 3003108