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eCommerce success will be enhanced by Product Information

Think about this, you are a business owner and you want to grow your eCommerce business. I bet that you have in your mind or you have been told by someone who is considered “A Guru” that the only solution for you to further your growth is advanced paid advertising campaigns.

Well, it could be right in some cases but it can be equally wrong in others.

Advertising your products and ultimately your brand is essential when we speak about eCommerce growth. However, with rich and tailored product information, you will be able to achieve better conversion rates and increase your traffic.  Many businesses think that everything is under control, but product content is more than a stock keeping unit (SKU) number or a price. Here are some more reasons why product information is really an underrated aspect of eCommerce success. 

Lack of product information causes basket abandonment

60% of online shoppers point out that the lack of quality in product content is a top reason for abandoning the products in the basket, putting aside the price or the delivery time. Even worse, these potential customers will never come back to the online shop that does not support their content expectations.

Rich product information with rich data that covers every aspect of a product alongside other materials that cover the lack of non-physical shopping experiences such as videos and reviews is the key to convincing potential customers not to leave them in the basket.

Enhance your brand image

The ultimate investment for any eCommerce business is to have a happy customer that will use the power of Word of Mouth about your products and make them appear in the first positions of any search engine. Thus, a well-prepared marketing strategy not only focuses on paid ads, partnerships, and social media. You must have content that is going to sell, as not many people visit online stores to scroll catalogues and product pages. 87% of users immediately lose interest if the brand lacks good product content.

Being able to stand out from your competition is a massive step as many businesses, whether they are B2B or B2C orgnaisations do not pay attention to details despite the fact that many users complain daily about the shopping experience or the products they want.

Use this motto: Listen to them, improve your eCommerce content and you will stand out!

Sales conversions can grow

You cannot imagine the impact that product information has on sales conversion rates. Remember, product information is not just numbers and specifications only! It is anything related to your product such as reviews, products, videos and any multimedia assets. It creates a complex ecosystem which might differ from industry to industry but you need to care about it.

“PIM software can be cost and hour saving”

A good example is this home supplies online retailer, The Home Depot had a 23% sales conversion increase in one year after putting some effort into improving their product information and including unique and user-friendly product content in their website. They just paid attention to what their users need, what kind of content was missing from their own channels and their competitors’ websites, and how to give better data in a more comprehensible and attractive way to everyone.

Reduce the return rates

40% of the products that are returned due to the lack of product information which leads to poor product content. A good product page must include basic information, a complete and reliable size and measurements chart system, a rich gallery of images with different angles, detailed zoom, and visual user guides. Shopping online is tricky because users cannot see the products live (i.e to see or fell them), so quality product information is the   so instantly the use all the product information as the most reliable way to buy things and be happy when they will arrive at their door.

Valuable insights

With the right approach, a company can learn a lot about their strategy as they can analyse their product data. With useful tools, they can predict the trends in the market and see the preferences of current and potential online shoppers for their niche. Comparing your metrics against your competitors, searching for new keywords, and SEO and SEM opportunities will give an advantage but you need to invest in these analysis tasks.

The best way to improve content is to automate your content management with a PIM system.A PIM system can save you money, hours and resources thanks to synchronized single management of all product content and assets sources which will feed all your eCommerce channels. If you ensure seamless management, your product content will be everywhere in real time.

Zero errors mean more satisfied customers, more traffic and ultimately more benefits for your business. The best investment for an eCommerce business is good product information.

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