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Simplify checkout process

Forbes estimates that nearly all mobile shoppers (95%) are only giving eCommerce merchants their partial attention.

While merchants have little control over external distractions like work, friends, or television, they can work to rid their platforms of additional distractions that could push potential customers off of their sites entirely. Magento created a compelling survey in which it shows how to simplify mobile checkout.

The original blog post from Magento Blog


The results of the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative are proving that even small changes to the checkout process can significantly impact mobile conversion rates. Just keep the following key points in mind:

  • Clutter is your enemy. Keep shopping carts functional, but clean. Eliminate any elements that could send customers to other pages or sites during the checkout process.

  • Simplicity is key. Mobile shoppers won’t spend time on multi-step checkouts or complicated forms to buy your product. Keep manual steps to a minimum.

  • Don’t stop experimenting. Keep testing new ways to eliminate distractions and streamline your checkout process until you find what works best for your store. 

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