The 28th Magento Meetup

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Following an interesting presentation on Email marketing from Jacques Prothon, Mitch Goldman who runs the London Hackathon updated us on all the news from the 2013 event. The Hackathon is a great event where developers get the chance to meetup and build some very cool stuff in a short period of time! At the last Hackathon the group produced some incredible work, one extension in particular that stands out for me is the Meanbee Cacheviewer incredibly useful for anyone optimising a sites cache performance. The extension is now available publically, and it’s really great to see such useful work coming out of these events.


As a team we were also particularly interested in the talk by Florinel Chis on testing. For us it is great to hear someone else’s perspective on testing, to discuss the different technologies available and to compare our testing tools to someone else’s. All of this helps us to keep our own processes and capabilities up to date. The team found it really exciting to hear about a new process and it’s got us thinking about ways to improve our own processes; something we do continuously.


We thank all the presenters / organisers and sponsors for putting together the event. We thoro

ughly enjoyed the chance to network with our peers and learn from the rest of the Magento community. To attend the next Magento Meetup click here.

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