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The luxury cruise operator Silversea unveiled its new website in September. This project, done in partnership with SQLI, uses Adobe technologies which offer a range of rich and flexible digital features which facilitate the customisation of content. The objective: to offer a new experience to the brand's customers with a scalable and efficient platform.

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A digital strategy concocted by SQLI

More than seven SEB Group products are sold worldwide every second. The Group is known for its many successes, such as its pressure cooker or the Actifry no-fat fryer, and it is therefore determined to achieve a successful digital transformation in order to meet consumer expectations and remain a leader internationally. To do this, SEB has designed an e-commerce system with SQLI which improves the user experience (using the SAP Hybris platform) while also enhancing the branding associated with products. These systems are currently being rolled out in more than fifty countries at a very fast pace.

Internet Of Thins

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Difficult to overlook: the IoT world (Internet of Things World) has arrived. A geeky trend, technological prowess or the coming world of tomorrow? Will our future be governed by drones, the interconnection of our objects and robots? This article was written so that we remember this moment, when we are all witnessing this consumption (r)evolution.

Connected objects are the current commercial and marketing trend, and this trend involves a quantum shift in the product development strategy of brands.

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