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The Order By SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) feature found in the Magento Admin Panel is not a new concept in Magento. It is especially useful for merchants who use this feature to speed up their order taking process via the Magento Admin Panel.

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In recent years there has been an increasing emphasis in all sectors for improved governance, with many companies now defining guidelines for corporate governance. Governance covers a multitude of activities within an organisation and particularly affects how projects are commissioned and managed.

Why do projects fail because of governance issues?

-  Lack of a clear link between the project and the organisation’s key strategic priorities, including key measures of success

- Lack of clear senior management ownership and leadership

- Lack of effective engagement with stakeholders

-  Evaluation of proposals driven by initial price rather than long-term value for money

-  Inadequate resources and skill to deliver the project

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Today’s tutorial will be on how to open social media pages in a new window. The goal of all retailers and merchants is to keep a user, and potential customer, on their site for as long as possible. Therefore social media buttons that are there to allow users to interact with their brand but open a new page in the same or a new tab can be highly damaging to conversion rates as they take the user away from the website.

At InventCommerce we use a simple trick that, instead of opening a new tab or opening the Social Media pages in the same tab, we open the Social Media page in a new window in front of the current window. It’s a very simple trick, but definitely useful in today’s internet age.

To implement this simple trick use the following code: