Business 2 Business Commerce

We deliver a world-class digital experience for brands, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors around the world
Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce has changed the way industries conduct business, eliminating the need for archaic tiresome processes. In the advent of B2B e-commerce more and more companies are losing out to unexpected competitors due to their lack of online presence. By 2020 it is forecast that the global B2B e-commerce market will be worth over $6.7 trillion, and you’re reading this because you want your share of that.

SQLI Expertise

SQLI have a long history of B2B projects for a large range of clients, these include, Shell, Rymans, Airbus and many more. We have helped clients with a range of B2B requirements, from international expansion to implementation of omnichannel commerce.  

Improving B2B Buyer Experience and Journey help to build loyalty, reduce cost and grow multiple streams of revenue.

Why is B2B important for your business?

The main goals of B2B e-commerce are to streamline and grow the adaptability of your business, increasing your competitiveness in the B2B marketplace or expanding to the B2B market entirely. Some key areas to focus on.



Few aspects
  • Order by SKU
  • Quick ordering
  • Custom layouts for products and catalogs
  • Designing
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Tailored websites
Accurate and real-time product data with the omnichannel approach.


A brief overview
  • Order and quote tracking
  • SKU Validation and price lists
  • Central order management system across channels
  • Maintain delivery SLAs
  • Optimisation for Magento
  • Reliable and scalable hosting


A glimpse of the impact to the revenue
  • Mobile first
  • Content management across the channels
  • Merchandising and promotions
  • Actionable insights
  • Combination of data and reports