Create a seamless shopping experience across all digital platforms with a highly scalable cloud platform.

Headless Commerce Solution

A headless commerce platform is responsible for all backend processes, calculation and data storage. It exposes all of these data through a flexible commerce API. 

Benefits of Headless Commerce

Flexibility: Full control of the frontend, without having to adhere to rigid structures laid out by the software vendor

Speed & Agility: Experimenting and A/B testing new features fast without jeopardizing backend stability

Increased performance: Different touchpoints have different scaling needs, so separating frontend from backend functionality improves customer experience and is budget-efficient



One of the challenges that a business will face with microservices is to make sure that they have the right infrastructure to monitor all of them. As a result, the benefits that will enjoy will allow them to be more agile and have a faster time-to-market!


APIs are contracts between different applications. The main focus is on how to exchange, build and utilize the data carefully. As a result, it allows brands and retailers to create easier interaction with the consumers and be prepared for the future.

Have an omnichannel approach


With the digitization of the POS, the connection between the in-store system and the online option has come full circle: On-site employees know their customers and what they need and want. Customers can go into the store and try on the articles selected online. This opens the door for associates to provide targeted,  personalized advice: the foundation for a long, close customer relationship.


The days when it was enough just to publish product information online or to fill the shelves in the store purposefully but unimaginatively are over. Instead, creativity is required. Customers want inspiration. Customers want experiences. Customers like to be treated like a VIP and be given personal advice. This creates customer loyalty.


Clienteling or InStore apps turn salespeople into true brand ambassadors. They not only view the order history and receive automatic product recommendations, but they can help customers in-store buy something that is not in stock at that location.